Our new foster puppy

Monday we picked up a new foster puppy from the Humane Society. She is about six weeks old and quite adorable (what puppy isn’t?). We think she looks just like a little polar bear. She is still pretty unsteady on her legs, can’t see very well yet, and sleeps a ton. She is a little thin, although her fuzzy fur hides the ribs, so we are working on getting her to eat solids. She would much rather suck and nibble on fingers.

Many people ask how we can possibly give the animals that we foster back so that they can be put up for adoption. Sometimes it is really difficult. Our first foster was probably the hardest to return. He was a very cool dog and we all became very attached to him, especially our young dog who was about the same age as Finn. We already had two dogs and two cats of our own, and we knew that we didn’t have the space or time for another full-time addition. We also knew that if we did decide to adopt him, we would not be able to foster any more animals. On top of that, he needed a family of his own, a family where he would get the attention he deserved all of the time. Once you have gone through the process, the next time becomes a little easier. Our home always seems much quieter after we have returned a foster animal, but soon enough we have another to get to know and have fun with.

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