Arizona Humane Society needs buckets!

The following is from today’s AZ Humane Society’s newsletter (if you live elsewhere, please check with your local shelter to see what they may need).

We Need Buckets

Our field agents (EAMTs) provide water for dogs left outside in the desert
heat and we need plastic buckets! Any buckets or large plastic containers
you have (that did not contain any chemicals) will help bucket-loads! Cat litter
buckets, large tupperware bowls, small trash bins, anything we can put cool
water in works! We’ve also heard you can find good ones and the local
dollar stores. If you can help, please drop them off at one of our
Sunnsyslope, 9226 North 13th Ave, Phx, 85021

Mountain, 1521
West Dobbins Rd, Phx 85041

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