A Dragonfly Day

(Here I’m just playing with a TTV overlay.  I love TTV photography! 
More on that another time though…)
Okay, I did see one butterfly today (yay!), but overall, it has been a dragonfly day.  Several of them were hovering over our aloe plant, resting on its spiky tips and just soaking up the dappled shade.  Yes, we soak up the shade during Arizona summers, not the sun!  I can only guess that these beauties recently hatched and were just hanging around getting their wings dry.  I was very fun to watch them, and a pity that the boys were not here to enjoy (off with friends).   Hopefully this is just the beginning of their visits to our yard.  I wonder where they hatched from here in the desert…
This one didn’t seem to mind me taking pictures, the others kept flying away.  Only when I got
 too close, or moved too fast did it zip away, but it kept coming right back for more!
Aren’t those wings just awesome!  So delicate and beautiful!
Many of the same things done to attract butterflies will bring the dragonflies as well.  I am thrilled at what you all have done so far to help the butterflies (and other insects).  If you haven’t yet entered the giveaway, there is just over a week left, I’ll randomly pick a winner next Saturday!  Please spread the word on this, let’s see how many people we can get to participate! 
Oh, and please visit my Etsy treasury of beautiful butterfly items that I just adore:  Lovin’ the Lepidoptera

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