Apple Cinnamon Gelatin Squares

I slaved away over the stove last night making some “gelatin squares” – kind of like Jello Jigglers, but without the brand name, the artificial colors and flavors.  I used Knox gelatin and some organic apple cider that the kids love.  The directions are on the box of gelatin, but it is as easy as bringing 3 cups of juice to a boil, sprinkling the gelatin (4 packs) over a cup of cold juice, letting stand for a minute,  adding the hot juice in, stirring and cooling (in a 9 x 13 inch dish) in the fridge for a few hours.  While the apple cider was heating, the aroma inspired me to sprinkle in a bit of cinnamon too.  I momentarily spaced the fact that the cinnamon just floats around on the surface, and we ended up with cinnamon clumped a bit on the outside edges of the pan.  Had I stayed awake longer and stirred the gelatin as it cooled, that cinnamon would have surely been perfectly suspended throughout the squares.

100% Organic Apple Juice and Gelatin make a healthy treat!

100% Organic Apple Juice and Gelatin make a healthy treat!


Upon being served some for breakfast (who doesn’t like fruit gelatin for breakfast?), my eldest son responded “It looks like it needs some Whipped Coconut Cream, can I add it?”  He was NOT allowed to add it (primarily because I didn’t have any ready to go), but he enjoyed the gelatin nonetheless.  He did say that he would prefer a stronger apple flavor, so we may try making some using homemade applesauce in place of some of the juice next time.  His idea of adding whipped cream, and a conversation with him the other day about orange cream soda, made me think we should try creating an orange cream gelatin.  I am picturing mandarin orange slices (fresh not canned) added in – yum!

What’s your favorite gelatin recipe?

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