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Small Business Saturday

November 27, 2010 is the first-ever Small Business SaturdaySM. A day to come together in support of the small businesses we love. The shops and restaurants that employ our neighbors and reinvest our money close to home. The businesses that are the heartbeat of our communities and local economies. Today I encourage everyone to […]

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Introducing some of the critters… The Mossies

We share our small space with several critters.   I’d like to introduce you to some of the more unusual ones we have.  The Mossies.   These sweet little guys sing to us every night and the house echoes with their song… well, sometimes it  can get to be a little much!  Vietnamese Mossy Frog (Theloderma Corticale) […]

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Nurturing Art Appreciation in Children (okay, adults too!)

By Nathan, Age 4 The development of art was one one of the first steps that mankind took on his path to civilization.  Throughout history, great value has been placed on beauty, originality, and creativity.  From cave paintings, shell beads and tattoos to modern day architecture, advertisements and photography, art is all around us, and in fact, […]

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A Dragonfly Day

(Here I’m just playing with a TTV overlay.  I love TTV photography!  More on that another time though…) Okay, I did see one butterfly today (yay!), but overall, it has been a dragonfly day.  Several of them were hovering over our aloe plant, resting on its spiky tips and just soaking up the dappled shade.  […]

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Butterfly Challenge!

Congrats!  Woolies is the winner of the Butterfly Challenge!!!   Thank you all so much for doing a part to bring back the butterflies! Okay, it’s been a while since I posted… as usual…  Sorry about that! For the first time in the nearly 10 years we have lived in our house, we have a […]

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Some things, I’ll never understand.

This weekend we were thrilled to be temporarily reunited with one of our foster dogs.  Usually, once we return them to the Humane Society, we have no idea what happens to them.  Zoe is different.  One of our friends had been thinking about adopting a dog and when she saw Zoe, she knew she had […]

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Native Seeds for your Natural Garden

image from Living in the desert can present problems when seeding a garden.  Most varieties of seeds readily available are intended for a much more temperate climate and don’t do as well here.  There is also always the possibility (especially with flowers and grasses) that the seeds may travel much farther than your own […]

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Easter/Spring NaturalKids Team Blog-A-Thon

I am very excited to have become a part of the NaturalKids Team recently.  Here’s a little bit about the team (and some wonderful springtime treasures by members of the team!)… The NaturalKids Team was started by woodmouse in 2007. Early members included faerierebecca, fairiesnest, cozycottage. It was a small group, with a small presence […]

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