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Awesome Paleo Applesauce |

Making Awesome Applesauce

We recently purchased a bunch of apples that looked great on the outside, but were quite mealy on the inside. Having two teenage boys in the house, we can’t afford to waste any food, so, to the absolute joy of those two boys, I decided to make applesauce with the rejected apples. Applesauce doesn’t happen […]

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Apple Pie Eggs -

Apple Pie Breakfast Eggs

I have a sweet tooth. A whole mouth full of them actually! I have heard tales of people losing their sweet tooth after changing to a Paleo diet, unfortunately mine is still going strong. Every now and then, and sometimes then again, I give into my cravings. When I do, I try to keep the […]

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Vanilla extract just after making.  Labels are a handy way to remember what you have used in each if you are making multiple varieties!  Here I have used a Bourbon vanilla bean in rum, and a Mexican vanilla bean in vodka.

Vanilla Extract: Making you own is unbelievably easy!

Checking the mail isn’t something I usually get excited over.  In fact, I would usually prefer to avoid the inevitable bills that tend to find their way there.  Sometimes though, there are anticipated deliveries that have me watching for the mail truck and checking the box throughout the day.  One such delivery occurred Thursday – my order […]

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Concrete Overlay Flooring

There are people in this world that buy a house and are happy with it. Sure, they want new carpet or a paint job periodically, but overall, they are content to let things be. Sadly, I am not one of those people. Our home is constantly in flux. Things moved, things added, things removed, things […]

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Easter eggs

The kids really enjoyed doing the eggs this year. They thought it was pretty cool that we could make our own dye. My husband loved it too because everything smelled so good! We experimented with just a few colors since we weren’t sure how things would turn out. The blueberries gave us the most vivid […]

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Our calendula flowers are blooming profusely right now, their brilliant orange and yellow blossoms making for a cheerful view out the kitchen window. After taking my younger son off to school in the morning, my other son and I spent part of the morning harvesting the blossoms to make an all-purpose salve. The recipe is […]

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In many places this time of year, flowers are beginning to bloom, birds are returning and making their nests, and green is returning to the landscape. Here in the Phoenix area, our spring is on it’s way out. Our poppies are spent, our one deciduous tree leafed out several weeks ago, and it seems a […]

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