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Best Paper Cutter under $30

One of the forums on Etsy has inspired me to ramble a little about my favorite paper cutter. Years ago, being extremely frustrated with my Friskars paper cutter not cutting straight, I looked and looked for a better option. I decided to take a chance on one that I found in one of the smaller […]

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Fun with frogs

For the last couple of weeks, I have been busy with our foster puppy (I’ll update on her soon!) and garden, filling out enrollment forms for schools and spending lots of time getting my frogs sorted out. Yes, frogs. I have two White’s tree frogs, two tiger-legged monkey frogs, and three Vietnamese Mossy Frog tadpoles […]

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Our calendula flowers are blooming profusely right now, their brilliant orange and yellow blossoms making for a cheerful view out the kitchen window. After taking my younger son off to school in the morning, my other son and I spent part of the morning harvesting the blossoms to make an all-purpose salve. The recipe is […]

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