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Arizona Humane Society needs buckets!

The following is from today’s AZ Humane Society’s newsletter (if you live elsewhere, please check with your local shelter to see what they may need). We Need Buckets Our field agents (EAMTs) provide water for dogs left outside in the desertheat and we need plastic buckets! Any buckets or large plastic containersyou have (that did […]

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After spending about three weeks getting fattened up on our strawberry and pepper plants (some puppy food too), the little pup we had first brought home in April (see: New Foster Puppy) was ready to go up for adoption. Her ears had, bit by bit, become upright and she had become a bundle of energy. […]

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Can’t adopt a pet? Sponsor one!

Okay, I have so much to get caught up on, but I thought I would pass this info on. The last few times I have picked up a foster animal from the Humane Society they have not been able to provide me with food for the animals as they usually can. Unfortunately, if I have […]

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Our new foster puppy

Monday we picked up a new foster puppy from the Humane Society. She is about six weeks old and quite adorable (what puppy isn’t?). We think she looks just like a little polar bear. She is still pretty unsteady on her legs, can’t see very well yet, and sleeps a ton. She is a little […]

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