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Native Seeds for your Natural Garden

image from Living in the desert can present problems when seeding a garden.  Most varieties of seeds readily available are intended for a much more temperate climate and don’t do as well here.  There is also always the possibility (especially with flowers and grasses) that the seeds may travel much farther than your own […]

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Easter/Spring NaturalKids Team Blog-A-Thon

I am very excited to have become a part of the NaturalKids Team recently.  Here’s a little bit about the team (and some wonderful springtime treasures by members of the team!)… The NaturalKids Team was started by woodmouse in 2007. Early members included faerierebecca, fairiesnest, cozycottage. It was a small group, with a small presence […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, Here’s a little lovebug, Made just for you!”  We felted the little bug heads and sewed them onto the cards, they were cute little bobble headed lovebugs! Just wishing everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day!  This is the first year we did valentines for my youngest at school, in the […]

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