Angora Fiber | Rabbit Wool


Super fine, super soft wool from our pet Jersey Wooly Rabbit “Dink.”

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Super fine, super soft wool from our pet Jersey Wooly Rabbit “Dink.”

Fiber Details:
✿ Can be spun into yarn, or felted.
✿ Felts quickly into a soft, fuzzy felt using traditional wet-felting techniques.
✿ Can be mixed in with other fibers to add softness and warmth.
✿ Gently pulled by hand – no cut fibers.
✿ Fiber length – most fibers between 2 and 4 inches in length.
✿ Fiber color – mostly grey with some chestnut brown and white.
✿ 5 grams of fiber – 4 inch x 3 inch re-closable bag tucked into a 3 inch x 2 inch x 1.25 inch slide box. Fiber volume expands greatly when uncompressed.

About our rabbit:
✿ Dink is a very small Jersey Wooly Rabbit.
✿ Jersey Wooly Rabbits are the smallest of the wool bearing breeds, Dink weighs in at just about 2 pounds.
✿ Due to the much smaller size, they produce much less wool than the other angora breeds. Dink produces about 50 to 80 grams of gorgeous wool per year.
✿ Our rabbit is kept indoors in a very large, multi-level cage. In addition, he he let out into a larger “play yard” during the day, and has frequent trips outside to play in the grass and nibble on herbs and veggies (basil and mint are his favorites!). He is fed the very best food we can find, and gets frequent healthy treats.
✿ Pulling the wool from rabbits does not hurt them – the wool becomes loose and comes out easily. Grooming and pulling the wool are great bonding activities, and as we pull the wool from Dink, he is frequently trying to groom us with his tiny little tongue at the same time!
✿ Dink is a well loved member of our family!

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