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Awesome Paleo Applesauce | MudHollow.com

Making Awesome Applesauce

We recently purchased a bunch of apples that looked great on the outside, but were quite mealy on the inside. Having two teenage boys in the house, we can’t afford to waste any food, so, to the absolute joy of those two boys, I decided to make applesauce with the rejected apples. Applesauce doesn’t happen […]

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Apple Pie Eggs - MudHollow.com

Apple Pie Breakfast Eggs

I have a sweet tooth. A whole mouth full of them actually! I have heard tales of people losing their sweet tooth after changing to a Paleo diet, unfortunately mine is still going strong. Every now and then, and sometimes then again, I give into my cravings. When I do, I try to keep the […]

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